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    Market operation analysis of C9 petroleum resin Market under the trend of environmental protection
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    Market operation analysis of C9 petroleum resin Market under the trend of environmental protection

    Serious air pollution situation, the state vigorously remediation, making the community to form a green heat. Environmentally friendly models, environmental protection materials, environmental protection coatings, etc., to environmental protection as a selling point of the product all the night". This is particularly evident in the coatings industry. Due to paint by emitting a strong irritating gas will not only pose a threat to human health, but also caused serious pollution to the atmosphere, so the paint into the "victims" of the concept of environmental protection under the. Ministry of finance, State Administration of Taxation on 26 January release, February 1, the implementation of the "on the battery, paint the Levy of consumption tax notice" is to solve the problem of environmental pollution of paint industry made constraints, to paint the water led by environmental friendly coatings began to popular market.

    C9 petroleum resin as an additive in the coatings industry, it is closely related to the rise and fall of the petroleum resin market and the coating industry C9. Now the country on the oil soluble coatings more sanctions, so C9 oil resin market position is also in the shake. Let's look at the current situation and crisis of the C9 oil resin market:

    The overall demand for C9 petroleum resin in coatings industry.

    2015 national economy continued development trend of weakness, so the construction operation is not positive, real estate industry under favorable external now in spite of a slight rebound, but the overall situation is still not optimistic, small market volume, to paint, paint industry is also a corresponding control; and now the global environmental pollution phenomenon is serious, countries increase their efforts to control pollution to the environment, high pollution in the coatings industry is in control state through coating to levy consumption tax and other constraints on its, in the slump in demand and high costs, some small and medium-sized enterprises meager profits and losses damage under, choose to shut down, so the overall tightening of C9 petroleum resin market demand greatly.

    The weakness of economic situation, the overall market demand of rubber adhesive industry is not optimistic.

    C9 petroleum resin can also be used as a rubber adhesives, paint industry from the conditioned, now most of C9 petroleum resin transfer rubber adhesive and resources within the industry to supply amplification. Accompanying the recent international crude oil upward push up, rubber industry international closing also upward, domestic rubber market also upward trend, but it is understood falter towards the overall economic situation, the domestic tire, conveying belt, shoe etc. industry saturation is larger, so the overall procurement in rubber does not actively, market trading atmosphere is poor, thereby affecting the shipping market of C9 petroleum resin, it is understood now manufacturers to maintain order contract, mentality of the market is poor.

    Raw material cracking C9 price is higher, so that the current C9 oil resin market is showing a loss or profit operation, the majority of small and medium enterprise device shutdown.

    With international crude oil continuing rise, domestic cracking C9 market also showed a continuous push up, has pushed up to 4000 yuan / tons above, falter towards the overall economic situation, C9 petroleum resin terminal and the downstream market saturation greatly, in addition, environmental quality requirements improve constraints on the downstream, the overall market large losses, the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises forced to shut down.

    The lack of technology is a major constraint on the C9 oil resin market.

    Countries of paint industry environmental pollution control, so is now on the market of water solution coating, water soluble adhesive demand more and more high. The requirements of corresponding technical content device as a guarantee, bicyclic resin hydrogenation apparatus and process is reflected, but now the device less and domestic technology has not yet reached the the height, so of C9 petroleum resin market also formed the corresponding control.

    From the above, it is seen that the green process of the paint industry has a greater impact on the oil resin market, if the C9 petroleum resin does not find a new way out, the latter will face great challenges.

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