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    Rubber processing method
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    Rubber processing method
    (1) rubber mastication and mastication process Rubber under mechanical force, heat, oxygen and other effects, from the tough elastic state transition to a soft plastic state, that is, to increase the plasticity (liquidity) process is called the plastication.
    Plasticating is to lower molecular weight, lower the temperature of viscous rubber, the rubber with enough plasticity. In order to follow the mixing, calendering, extruding, molding process can be carried out smoothly. At the same time by mixing can also play a role, so that the "smooth" plasticity were uniform. The rubber Plasticating called "plastic rubber". If the rubber itself has enough plasticity, can be removed from the mixing process.
    Methods according to the equipment used by the equipment are mainly divided into the opening of the machine, the mixer, the mixer and the screw.
    1. Open smelting machine plasticization by open smelting machine before and after two different speed roller to form relative speed difference caused by the tear force (shear stress), in diminishing and distance of rubber to impose strong rolling and tearing effect. This mechanical, tearing rubber molecular chains, chain also accompanied by heat and oxygen cleavage in the air in the plastic, rubber molecular weight is reduced, can reduce the temperature of viscous flow, increase the plasticity.
    Open smelting machine plastic refining effect factors and temperature, and distance, speed and speed, plastic working length of mixing time, mixing capacity, roller, cutting knife times and way, glue, storage time and so on.
    In the mixer, the rubber is cast into the mixer and the material is pressed. Dense Lian indoor two rotors with different speed, with the opposite rotary, by processing the raw rubber in rotor clearance, rotor and dense in the clearance of the mixing chamber wall, and clearance between rotor and the upper and lower roof bolt by changing the shear, tearing, stirring, folding and friction of the strong kneading effect. Under high temperature, fast and pressure conditions, it is very fast to improve the plasticity of rubber (plastic). The mechanical and thermal oxidative cracking of the mixer is mainly depended on the mechanical and thermal oxidation of the machine.
    The influence factors of the internal mixer are the rotor speed, the temperature, the time, the capacity and the top pressure. Due to the mixer plastication temperature plasticization, plasticization effect with temperature increases, but high temperature will lead to rubber molecular chains excessive degradation, resulting in rubber physical mechanical properties decreased and such as styrene butadiene rubber, mixer plastication such as more than 140 DEG C also produce branching and crosslinking, gel formation, but lower plasticity, in 170 DEG C plastic refining also generates compact gel, using refining method cannot make the elimination of it. In order to improve the use efficiency of the mixer, the plastic material (which is based on 1.5 the following) is usually used for plastic, which is used in the process of plastic and plastic.
    It is the mechanical shear force and the high temperature thermal action of the screw and the machine, which makes the rubber molecular chain rupture. With the mixing machine and mixer mixing screw plastic small difference is smelting method of oxygen on the raw. Screw plastic refining method has the advantages of large production capacity, obvious power saving effect, simple operation, easy to master, and can realize continuous production and so on. Use screw plastication mastication should be strict control rubber discharging temperature in 180 DEG C, pay attention to prevent gum rubber surface oxidation, and try to avoid the generation of half cooked glue.
    In the application of the process of plastic molding, plastic solution can be used to accelerate the process of plastic chain. Peptizer is reinforced rubber Plasticating effect, shorten the time of mastication by chemical substances, also known as chemical plasticizer. Compared with other physical properties such as oil, esters, fatty acid derivatives, it has the characteristics of strong plasticity effect, less dosage and little influence on the physical and mechanical properties of rubber products.
    Peptizer reinforced plastic mixing effect mechanism mainly include two aspects: one is plastic solution agent in plastic mixing process in the heat, the role of oxygen, which decompose to produce free radicals. These radicals can make the rubber chains oxidative degradation occurs; the second is plastic solution agent can closed plastic refining process in rubber sub sub strand breaks generated end groups, and the loss of activity, no longer re combination, to increase the plasticity.
    The performance of the plastic solution is enhanced with the increase of temperature, so it is more effective to use the plastic solution in the high temperature plasticity of the mixer.
    (2) rubber mixing and mixing process mixing is the plastic rubber or have certain plasticity of raw rubber, coordination agent by the mechanical action of the uniform mixing process and all. Mixing process is with a variety of agent are uniformly dispersed in the rubber, to form a process with rubber for medium or rubber and some energy and compatible with the components (compounding agent and other polymers) mixture as the medium, incompatible with the rubber compounding agent (such as powder filler, zinc oxide, pigment) as the dispersed phase of multiphase colloidal dispersion system. The specific technical requirements of the mixing process are: the distribution of the mixture is uniform, so that the mixture is especially carbon black, and so on. Rubber obtained after mixing is called "mix", its quality has an important influence on the quality of products and further processing.
    The equipment used in the mixer is to open a mixer and a mixer.
    1. Open mill mixing open mill mixing necessary conditions is according to the basic properties of various kinds of rubber viscoelasticity, relaxation time and transition temperature, choose appropriate and temperature (table), in a package and state to
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