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    In recent years, the development of domestic rubber technology is in good condition
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    In recent years, the development of domestic rubber technology is in good condition

    China's rubber additives industry after nearly 50 years of development, has more than 80 production units, annual production capacity of more than 150000 tons, more than 200 kinds of additives. Anti aging system, curing system and process operation system additives have production, main varieties in addition to meet the domestic needs and export, 1998 export accelerator 5134 tons, export antioxidant 2666 tons.

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    1 anti sulfur transport agent

    Anti reversion agent is a new kind of auxiliary agent at home and abroad, which is used to improve the anti reversion property of vulcanized rubber. Shanxi Chemical Research Institute has been developed and put into operation a series of varieties. The multifunctional anti vulcanization reversion agent DL 268 to general sulphur vulcanization system confers good resistance to return to the original resistance, heat resistance, improve the bond strength of fiber cord and rubber and high retention rate, applicable to the cord to rubber products. The heat curing active agent SL - 273 optimization structure of zinc soap, is the current price lowest anti back the original agent varieties, suitable for diene rubber, especially for the vulcanization of natural rubber, improve high temperature and long time of rubber vulcanization anti vulcanization reversion, to improve heat resistance and crosslinking degree and reduce dynamic heat, improve the hardness. It is not only suitable for large thick products. High temperature vulcanization process and products of heat resistance, etc. and in silica compound, instead of part of the silane coupling agent, improving the rheological properties. The multifunctional A A-256 has the effect of anti reversion and the increase of the heat resistance, and also has the function of reducing the viscosity and improving the fluidity of rubber.

    The 2000 launched after vulcanization stabilizer HS-258 quite in Huili company HTS, for general sulphur vulcanization system and semi efficient vulcanization system, improve the anti reversion of raw and heat resistance and dynamic performance, but also used as rubber and steel cord adhesion promoting agent and SBR dynamic performance of the modifier. To sum up, the anti curing return original agent can be as curing system of new additives, can also be seen as anti aging system of new additives, can protect vulcanized network to stabilize, improve product thermal oxidative stability, while maintaining the advantages of conventional vulcanization system and semi efficient vulcanization system of benign and good dynamic performance.

    2, for profit

    The antioxidant species is more complete, to further improve the internal quality. Two benzene amine antioxidant 4020 and 4010NA granulation of Nanjing chemical plant, the total production capacity has reached 12500 tons. The factory to improve the content of two, three antioxidant RD body, so as to improve the comprehensive protection effect. Zhejiang Huangyan Huaxing Chemical plant production of HS - 9ilA Department h of aniline with unsaturated aromatic hydrocarbons reaction product was absorbed by filler obtained, slight pollution applicable to color and sheathed cable compound. Phosphite antioxidant TNP by Jilin Chemical Industrial Company Longshan Chemical plant production, do not change color, no pollution, especially in SBR has outstanding resistance to oxidation.

    3, curing agent

    Shanghai Jinghai Chemical Co., Ltd. developed non aqueous phase process continuous polymerization at high temperature of ISHS series of insoluble sulfur process, and the company's companion series formed a series of products. New product thermal stability is good, easy to disperse. Shanxi Province Institute of chemical process optimization, to produce quality excellent desertification octylphenol wake up curing resin (201) type 1, type 2 products, octyl phenolic curing resin (202) for butyl rubber vulcanization, to make medical bottle stopper. Gasket and heat-resistant products, using 201 without adding activator, products heat resistance, ozone resistant and flex with good performance. The so the new production technology of CO crosslinking agent HV268, performance and imported HVAZ quite, applicable in the EPDM, NBRIR making heat-resistant products, and can improve the flame retardant property of EPDM cable sheath and improve the electrical performance of CSM. Huangyan Zhejiang chemical factory in the East China Sea has been put into the TCY, the system is a series of sulfur acid, which is suitable for acrylic rubber.

    4, vulcanization accelerator

    Zhenjiang second chemical plant will be the promoter of powder filling oil or granulation, eliminating the dust pollution. Shenyang northeast auxiliary plant development success of the "three drop plus" synthesis process, the production of the accelerator DZ good quality. Zibo Ying Hui rubber production company NS quality clearance, plans to expand production capacity. Shanghai rubber auxiliaries factory production promoter DNBT Department of 2 - (2,4 - dinitro thio phenyl) benzothiazole, mixed refining operation safety, for long time curing thick section of the product.

    5, increasing the dry resin

    The adhesive resin is mainly used to improve the self - viscosity of rubber, especially synthetic rubber. In recent years, research of chemical industry of Shanxi Province, the production of alkyl phenolic resin 2O3, 204 and change of tall oil rosin resin 207 after was developed successfully EPDM of tackifying resin for 209, improve EPDM self adhesive and processing properties, applicable to the conveyor belt and other products. Beijing rubber research and Design Institute of the successful development of long-term wet and high viscosity resin TKM, has been produced by Changzhou Chang Jing Chemical Co., ltd..

    6, reinforcing resin

    Fill strong resin, also known as reinforcing hardening resin, used in need of high hardness and high modulus as a result of increased carbon black too much difficult to produce compound. In the past, in the sundry goods using Qi polyester, in recent years is mainly used by the research of chemical industry of Shanxi Province, the production of modified phenolic resin 2o5 and 206 (containing curing agent) and the increase of gel material hard people recently, the Institute and Beijing rubber industry research and Design Institute have developed successful instead of oil and fatty acid modified phenolic fill strong resin, increasing effect excellent.

    7, plastic solution

    Plastic solution agent and physical plastic solution agent two kinds, chemical plastic solution agent to accelerate rubber

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