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    Rubber adhesive RBP-A
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    Rubber adhesive RBP-A

    A white system is not used in the cross ply tire, and a single adhesive agent RBP-A is used to make the tire adhesion system simple and the performance is superior.

    Product description:

    Rubber increase adhesive bonded (promoter) rbp-a is a modified with high activity of sterol triazine compound new material for the main high-tech rubber additives and mixed with the high performance of dispersing agent and activator, widely used in rubber products.

    Product performance and features:

    High rubber and nylon, polyamide, polyester, polyvinyl alcohol, cotton, rayon, and woven fabric cord adhesion strength (H pull-out force, peel strength), enhance product adhesion (aging significantly).

    To prolong the service life of tire, solve problems, and the tire shoulder air layer, reduce the tire return rate.

    To improve the high speed endurance of tire.

    The promotion of black carbon and other ingredients in rubber dispersing performance, shorten the mixing time, reduce energy consumption.

    Fifth, improve the sizing processing performance, with a good hard, increasing the modulus and reinforcing effect, make the rubber material fatigue resistance, heat resistance, ageing resistance, no blooming.

    It can reduce the gum content of compound formulation, improve the proportion of reclaimed rubber, reduce the production cost of the product.

    This product is the green rubber additives, does not contain harmful substances, no pollution to the environment.

    Using method:

    To join in the same time and other auxiliary materials. In the tire compound recipe (sidewall, buffer, inner and outer layer, inner and outer wrapping cloth, squoegee, airtight layer) directly into the 5. In the clip cloth, fiber hose formula (inner and outer layer, a middle rubber), conveyor tape canvas hanging compound added directly 5-10 parts above are basic content, the user can according to the process and product of the actual situation, adjust the dosage.

    Purpose:: it is widely used in engineering, load, light trucks, agricultural vehicles, tractors, motorcycles, bicycles and other oblique tires, semi steel radial tire, rubber hose, adhesive tape and other products.

    Packaging and storage: PP bags, plastic woven bag or paper plastic compound bag, bag PE plastic bags, moisture-proof, 25 kg / bag, the shelf life of 18 months, this product is not dangerous chemicals.

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