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  • Address:Dongchang Road Liaocheng City, No. 1
    Contact person:Mr. Liu
    Mobile phone:13306356612
    About us

    Liaocheng Bao and Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002, is located in Shandong province Liaocheng city national high tech Economic Development Zone, is a high-tech enterprise, in the production of rubber additives, plastic additives and fine organic synthesis of fine chemical products, widely used in rubber, tire, rubber hose, rubber belt, plastic processing and chemical industry, products passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification and the EU REACH regulations, the company covers an area of 56000 square meters, 6 production workshop, adhesive system engineering technology center with a tire, an environmentally friendly plasticizer Engineering Technology Center, has a modern production workshop and advanced testing equipment, materials testing, laboratory, laboratory the application of rubber chemical analysis and testing laboratory construction of modernization. The company currently employs 600 people, 86 engineering and technical personnel.

    Companies to focus on new products and environmental friendly process research and development, follow the concept of environmental protection, and actively promote clean production. Companies adhere to the advanced concepts of environmental protection, and actively promote clean production, adhere to scientific and technological progress, pay attention to safety, energy saving, development of green chemical industry, to create brand enterprises, carefully cast a world famous brand, adhere to development and revitalization of local economy and fine chemical has been appointed, to lead the world aids development as the goal, and strive to build a comprehensive quality, scale, variety and cost advantage, take a combination of independent innovation road. To provide customers with fine professional products and human services.

    Company and the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Tsinghua University, Beijing University of chemical technology, Qingdao University of science and technology and Shandong Province Chemical Industry Research Institute and other well-known research institutions universities established long-term cooperative relations, committed to the fine chemical product development and technological progress.

    Major customers: Hangzhou Zhongce, Cooper Chengshan, triangle tire, Xuzhou wheel, Guizhou tyre, Taiyuan Shuangxi, double coin Kunlun, the Pearl River in Guangzhou, double star tire, Taishan tire, products exported to the United States, Europe, India and Africa to.

    Many of the Department was awarded "Bank of China AAA credit enterprise", "the people's Republic of China Customs integrity management enterprise", China rubber industry top 100 enterprises, "Shandong Province innovative enterprise", "advanced enterprise management unit" and "technological innovation advanced unit" and the company.



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